Wilson V. Eagleson Chapter Multimedia Gallery

Below are a number pf photographs showing members of our chapter as well as those of general interest to those desiring to learn more about the Tuskegee Airmen.

  332nd Fighter Squadron Downs ME-262

A P-51D of the 332nd Fighter Squadron downs a German ME-262 jet fighter. This was one of three German jet aircraft credited to pilots of the to the Tuskegee program.

  332nd Fighter Squadron Providing Bomber Escort   Photograph 16
Tuskegee Class 43-D

Class 43-D graduated from flight training on April 29, 1943, at Tuskegee Army Air Field in Alabama. Front row, left to right: Heber C. Houston, James E. Brothers, Arnold W. Cisco, Paul Adams, William J. Faulkner, Freddie E. Hutchins, Wilson V. Eagleson II, Sidney J. Mosely. Back row, left to right: Ulysses S. Taylor, Harold E. Sawyer, Luke J. Weathers, Lewis C. Smith, Leonard M. Jackson, Curtis C. Robinson, Vernon V. Haywood, James Y. Carter, Walter T. Foreman, Charles P. Bailey, Charles I. Williams.

  Three-Minute Egg Club

Long, dangerous missions over enemy territory and inclement weather often meant fighter planes returned to their bases with gas in their tanks for little over three minutes flying time. Pilots of a Fifteenth Air Force squadron formed the "The Three Minute Egg Club." Membership was limited to pilots who landed within the three-minute margin. Left to right: 1st Lt. Clarence A. Dart, 1st Lt. Wilson V. Eagleson II and 2nd Lt. William N. Olsbroo.